Illness, whether physical or mental, can foster sadness, anxiety and fear.  During periods of crisis, reflections on life, memories, and thoughts are often internalized.  It has been my goal, as a doctor and an artist, to capture images of nature that will help calm and mollify fear.  Patients are able to relax by letting their minds wander into these landscapes.  By being relaxed and serene, anxiety can dissipate and become more tolerable.  Calmness may also contribute to a sense of well being and good health.  Displaying these photographs in the lobby, treatment rooms, exam rooms, and hallways of medical centers and offices has proven to create a soothing environment for everyone--patients, their families, and the staff.  This concept is easily translated to home, office, spa, meditation area or any other space that invites calm and peacefulness.

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Our mission is to promote health by bringing the grandeur of nature and its nourishing essence to the confines of the environment

Maroon Bells in Aspen CO